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What Are My Customers Saying?


Dr. Jen was an integral part of my journey towards a Rainbow Baby after several miscarriages. I was referred to her through mutual friends who swore by her and what a wealth of information she was. Jen was supportive throughout all the ups and downs and guided me with various oils and supplement suggestions. Essential oils was a big part of the infertility puzzle for me and our family and we are so grateful for Dr. Jen and all of her knowledge and expertise she shared with us.


Jen took such incredible care of me while I was trying to conceive my baby boy.

She spent extra time in developing a plan to facilitate wellness while on my journey.

She was so knowledgeable about which doterra essential oils to use while TTC, pregnant, as well as which ones could be used safely when baby comes. I truly appreciated her extra care with me.

Ordering was so easy and she offered many resources on how to use my doterra oils I will forever be grateful and forever be a customer of Jens.

Kristine J.

When I had our first daughter I hadn't learned about doTERRA's oils and supplements until she was about 3 months old. The minute they came into our life, they provided me with so many answers and empowered me. As a first time mom, I felt clueless and scared those first 3 months she was born because she cried LITERALLY every waking hour unless she was eating.

We were in and out of doctors offices every week, and they all said the same thing..."She is healthy, nothing is wrong with her, she is what we call "colic". I would buy any product online that claimed to help with this, and not one did..until doTERRA. I was able to calm my own emotions, hers, help with any needs that came up from my oil toolkit and supplements and stay healthy while going back to work in the classroom as a teacher.

I really wish I had known about the Lifelong Vitality supplements and oils when I was pregnant with her, because the difference in the two pregnancies and deliveries was huge. My first pregnancy, I was exhausted, my ankles were swollen, I felt very emotional, caught so much "crud" going around and didn't sleep very well. Not to mention, the labor/delivery was awful. The second pregnancy, I was taking Lifelong Vitality and using the oils (all while chasing a very active toddler, working and moving into a new home/city). I had energy, slept great, no swelling, didn't get the "crud" once, my body felt strong, my emotions level and my labor was exactly what I'd hoped it would be (I got to use the oils during delivery - game changer!). EVERYONE could benefit from doTERRA, highly recommend!

Kristen C.

Jen has been a very dear friend and mentor for quite some time. I have always looked up to her and how she uses natural toxin free products in her daily life, as well as her yoga practice. After speaking with her multiple times the struggle I was having to get pregnant and stay pregnant with my second child. She asked me if I had had my hormones checked. She talked to me about my progesterone levels and many other hormones that would help me get pregnant and then keep the pregnancy when I became pregnant. It was such a comfort to have her and her experiences. I am extremely grateful for the path that she helped me take to get my hormones, balanced to the point where I was able to become pregnant and keep the pregnancy healthy to a strong, happy, healthy, baby boy. I firmly believe in her talents, and abilities to help aid women in a balanced hormone Journey.