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Ready to dive into essential oils or a seasoned vet? Check out my favorite essential oil must haves!

My Favorite Way To Get Started

Are you ready to dive into essential oils? Click the picture above to get started with my favorite introductory collection. Once you order I will reach out to schedule a 30 minute call to go over your new oils.

10 mL Glass Roller Bottles

One of the best parts of essential oils is making custom blends to meet your needs. When your oils come I will be sending you some of my favorite recipes. You will want to have some roller bottles on hand to dive in.

15 mL Bottle Droppers

When you are using your oils regularly it can be really convenient to have droppers in the bottles instead of the traditional lids.

Oasis shower diffuser:

Turn every shower into a spa experience!! Pop in the essential oil of your choosing and hit power when you hop in the shower. You won't be disappointed!

iTOVi Scanner

An incredible tool to help you best support your body. This device scans your body and helps you figure out what oils to grab from you stash to best support you!

Essential Emotions

The essential oils have incredible emotional health benefits. This book breaks down those benefits and helps you harness the full power of these oils.

Oil Magic Reference Book

One of my favorite easy to use oil reference book. If you are more of a book person, then an app person, this is a great option.

Pregnancy is such an evolutions. There are different things I swear by to support you through each of the phases. I hope you enjoy!

Essential Oils For Pregnancy

Having essential oils throughout my pregnancy was a game changer. From nausea to aches and pains, even swelling! Here are some of my go to oils. Once you order I will send you a download sharing how to use each of the oils.

AJNA Yoga Bolster Pillow

Yoga has always been a huge part of my life, As baby grew during my pregnancy this bolster was a game changer. It allowed me to more comfortably get into poses and continue my yoga practice!

Beef Liver

Liver is such an important supplement to take when you are preparing your body for pregnancy or pregnant. Here is my favorite Beef Liver supplement.

Mamas check out my must haves for postpartum! These things got me through and helped me feel my best during this transition.

Peri Bottle

A must have for recovery. Use this after going to the bathroom while you recover. Bonus if you add a peri herb tea to it instead of water.

Sitz bath/Peri Steamer

Peri steaming was a saving grace for me after delivery. I did it daily for about three weeks. This is an easy insert ontop of your toilet for quick use and clean up.

Abdominal Binder

If you are not getting your belly wrapped by a midwife or doula I highly recommend this abdominal binder. A gentle way to guide your core back into place and help you feel supported.

Postpartum Sitz Bath Soak & Yoni Steaming Herbs

An incredible blend of herbs to boil up for your peri steams, your peri spray bottle and even your bath.

There are so many things out there we can buy for our babies. Below are my must haves and recommended products!

Essential Oils For Your Baby

In here I have included the basics to have on hand for your little. Once you place your order I will send you information on how to use each of the oils so you can be ready to go!

BOB stroller Cup Holder

If you are like me you want your water, your phone, your keys etc when you are out for a walk. This simple addition to the stroller is a must!

BOB Stroller

Hands down the best stroller. We added the carseat attachment for the beginning and have simply loved using this stroller daily!

Baby Shusher

Please just trust me on this one! Buy it and then thank me may think I am crazy now, but at 2 in the morning you will love me!

Newton Breathable Mattress

I did a lot of research on what mattress we were going to use....this was by far the best option! It is safe in so many ways and very comfortable.

Crib Mattress Cover

If you are going to spend the money on a good mattress, be sure the spend the money on a good mattress cover for when the baby soaks through during the night.

Everylife Diapers

Get 10% off your first order from my favorite diaper and wipe company. All natural, extremely effective and solid morals, I love everything about this company and I am so excited to offer you a discount.

Teething time! Our poor babies are going through so much, here are some of my favorites to help soothe them!

Teething Essential Oils

My go to teething rollers. These combos work amazing. Once you order I will send you the recipe to make them both so you are ready to go. One for the jaw, one for the gums.

Hyland's Homeopathic's

I am not a big fan of using traditional medicine on littles and these quick dissolve teething tablets are a great alternative for when you need the big guns!

Hakkaa Teathing Toy

Our daughters favorite teething toy by far! You can freeze breast milk in there or add ice cubes or frozen fruit. So good!

Amber Teething Necklace

There is a bit of controversy here, I think as long as you are taking this off when they sleep it a great option to provide support.

Hyland's Homeopathic's

I am not a big fan of using traditional medicine on littles and these quick dissolve teething tablets are a great alternative for when you need the big guns!

If you have followed me for long you know I love cooking! Here are some of my can't live without products!

Sourdough Cookbook

I jumped on the sourdough bandwagon and a couple friends sent me their recipes, but I am a paper person. This cookbook made it so easy to get started!

Cast Iron for Sourdough

There are so many options for cast irons. I love this one, it is exactly what I needed and makes it nice and easy to make my sourdough.

Gluten & Dairy Free

My #1 favorite cookbook! So many great recipes that are super easy and quick to make.

Good Ranchers

High quality meat without having to place a huge order. Good ranchers has you covered!

Son rise ranch

This is where we order half a cow at a time. You can also order pork and chicken straight from the ranch!

Our homes are sacred. Here are some of the things I use in my home to help keep it as non toxic as possible and safe for the whole family.

Bathtub water purifier

Our tap water is filled with so many unwanted things. It is best to have a whole house filtration system, but if that is not possible try this bath tub water purifier.

Shower filter

As we shower our pores are so open and there is so much unwanted in the water. Add this amazing shoulder head and filter to help decrease the unwanted in our showers.

Make Over Your Bathroom

Nontoxic alternatives for your bathroom and shower. Try doTERRAs Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap, Lotion, Skin Care and Toothpaste.

Make Over Your Cleaning

Non toxic alternatives for cleaning your home. Try doTERRAs laundry, dish and cleaning products.

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